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, of course, his appeal. the biggest names on the list of 12, as you call it, jhonny peralta of the detroit tigers, that's big. the starting shortstop for the tigers. and, by the way, they are leading the a.l. central leader. nelson cruz, all-star player for the texas rangers. but everybody trumped by alex rodriguez, highest paid player in major league baseball, suspended for all of this year and next year. still owed $86 million by the yankees in the remainder of his contract, and what makes this story have a little more sizzle on this day, is the yankees are playing in chicago this evening. a. rod is expected to take the field for the yankees unless we hear otherwise this evening in chicago. we'll have more on this story for the remainder -- throughout the remainder of this program and the "closing bell" at 4:00. but let's get back to our discussion with the market guests, as we focus on this monday in august on wall street. again, josh brown was with us, as is rick santelli, kyle harrington, and anton bear from up capital. anton, to you, what do you make of where we are in the market? wh
. in detroit, it's speak now or forever hold your peace. today is the deadline for written objections to detroit's bankruptcy filing. wdiv's rod maloney is in the motor city with what's on the line. rod, good to have you. >> reporter: thank you, maria. i'm glad to be here. you know, it's one of the things where tonight at midnight, anybody who objects to the bankruptcy filing by the city has to do that. so, in fact, this morning, a large group of detroiters got together out in front of the bankruptcy court here, from the national action network, reverend al sharpton organization, and they started out filling paperwork and submitted it to the bankruptcy court today. it showed up in the filing. along with them were a lot of other creditors looking to try and derail this process. and what many people don't understand about municipal bankruptcy is that you can't just file and then you are in bankruptcy. it is a qualification process. and so, what they're doing here is they're making their objections known to the judge, telling him that they don't think this is a right or constitutional pr
the retail investor has got a scare. they heard about detroit. read the headlines about rising rates. dominate the fund market. 5% of bond markets have been sold the last three months. i can get it, 5.62% on ten-year, i think that's a great trade right now. >> what are you buying right now? >> i think we have the names mixed up. >> i'm ron. that's steve. >> i'm sorry. >> that's okay. i could have sworn when i asked ron the question, he answered it. >> sorry about that, guys. right now, we're kind of focused right now on in a fixed income markets. high yield, we think floating rates is a great opportunity. on the equity sides, what we have done, and interest rates rising over the long hall as we eliminated our position and we have added some points in the market. we can see a correction 5 to 10% we have looked at on equities. for ou client and what we are doing, we are looking long-term. >> do you think as well the municipal bond market has opportunity here? >> i think we do. if tax rates are going higher, no ifs, ands or buts about that. yield are more attractive p one thing to worry
i'm sitting right out detroit, they're running monetary growth rate at 80 miles an hour, plus, bill. they'll decelerate. they have to. i'll stand by what you and i have talked about, the most aggressive fed easing, i will know in my lifetime as an investor, and that's been one of the key catalysts to why small-cap stocks are up over 200% from their march 2009 lows, and more recently, small-cap stocks are up 40% from the november 15th post-election l s lows, and that, i think, is really centered on aggressive fed policy. >> and, michael, the last time you were on, we talked about this so-called revenue recession we seem to be in here, where we're in another earnings period where the bottom line expectations have been met with revenue numbers not there now. >> the same old thing. revenue is still short. i will say, though, there's something very positive in the economic reports. i think bob pisani mentioned it earlier, and he had a note out this morning about this. that the trade deficit was surprisingly small, or surprisingly narrow. and that very well could mean that we could have
, bill, i wear watches. look, here's my watch from detroit. >> me, too. >> i love it. a great watch. >> yeah, how old are you, bob? we all have watches, too. okay? >> okay, all right. >> ask the intern. >> i did try the google glasses, though, whether they were down here. the google guys. you're right, maria, an awful lot going on. that one i'm having a hard time getting used to. i love my shinola. crummy 6% gain in the s&p 500. it's the best day since august 1st, believe it or not. that's how tough things have been. the emerging markets are a little calmer today. that may be helping stocks and bonds, up here in the united states. a little bit of flight to safety. it is again light volume. bear that in mind. we'll get more news flow, thank you, tomorrow, the home sales and fomc minutes will be out. people keep asking me, should i get out of emerging markets? can i point out, attempts at bottoming in china and brazil, over a month ago. china is up this month. brazil is up. and a lot of economic flow news out of china that's notably better. a lot of internet stuff playing around. sign
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5